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CO2 Sources and Sinks

Figure 2.7

University of Washington Seattle
Sarah Doherty

This figure appears in chapter 2 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

CO2 sources and sinks (GtCO2/yr) over the period 1870–2015. The partitioning of atmospheric emissions among the atmosphere, land, and ocean is shown as equivalent negative emissions in the lower panel; of these, the land and ocean terms are sinks of atmospheric CO2. CO2 emissions from net land-use changes are mainly from deforestation. The atmospheric CO2 growth rate is derived from atmospheric observations and ice core data. The ocean CO2 sink is derived from a combination of models and observations. The land sink is the residual of the other terms in a balanced CO2 budget and represents the sink of anthropogenic CO2 in natural land ecosystems. These terms only represent changes since 1750 and do not include natural CO2 fluxes (for example, from weathering and outgassing from lakes and rivers). (Figure source: Le Quére et al. 2016,e10cd7fc-e821-474a-bbde-74426a52b1d0 Figure 3).

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