Figure : slr_global-mean-sea-level-budget-and-height_v1-01

Changes in Sea Level in Sea Surface Height

Figure 12.3

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Robert E. Kopp

This figure appears in chapter 12 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

(a) Contributions of ocean mass changes from land ice and land water storage (measured by satellite gravimetry) and ocean volume changes (or steric, primarily from thermal expansion measured by in situ ocean profilers) and their comparison to global mean sea level (GMSL) change (measured by satellite altimetry) since 1993. (b) An estimate of modeled GMSL rise in the absence of 20th century warming (blue), from the same model with observed warming (red), and compared to observed GMSL change (black). Heavy/light shading indicates the 17th–83rd and 5th–95th percentiles. (c) Rates of change from 1993 to 2015 in sea surface height from satellite altimetry data; updated from Kopp et al.e8f60819-839e-4772-8a49-7c57d9c53424 using data updated from Church and White.94a8514e-063e-45ef-b893-11c82b49a597 (Figure source: (a) adapted and updated from Leuliette and Nerem 2016,205a8499-bda4-4910-b26a-585acbb3729d (b) adapted from Kopp et al. 2016a0130167-b319-493d-bedc-7cab8f8fe9d9 and (c) adapted and updated from Kopp et al. 2015e8f60819-839e-4772-8a49-7c57d9c53424 ).

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