Figure : projected-changes-in-the-number-of-days-per-year-with-a-minimum-temperature-below-32-f--left--and-a-maximum-temperature-above-100-f--right--

Projected Changes in Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

Figure 6.9

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Environmental Information NCEI, Earth Resource Technology Inc
Russell S. Vose, Xungang Yin

This figure appears in chapter 6 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

Projected changes in the number of days per year with a maximum temperature above 90°F and a minimum temperature below 32°F in the contiguous United States. Changes are the difference between the average for mid-century (2036–2065) and the average for near-present (1976–2005) under the higher scenario (RCP8.5). Maps in the top row depict the weighted multimodel mean whereas maps on the bottom row depict the mean of the three warmest models (that is, the models with the largest temperature increase). Maps are derived from 32 climate model projections that were statistically downscaled using the Localized Constructed Analogs technique.62c66ef3-cddb-4797-ba0e-5672fbcc27b3 Changes are statistically significant in all areas (that is, more than 50% of the models show a statistically significant change, and more than 67% agree on the sign of the changeb63c9720-f770-4718-89cc-53b3616e2bec ). (Figure source: CICS-NC and NOAA NCEI).

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