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5d41eb1b-38d0-4f4e-84c3-89bd73973452 8.1: Projected Change in Soil Moisture, End of Century, Higher Emissions
5d552a36-23dd-4f4a-a813-6a6d3c4c0d4a 7.2: Observed Change in Daily, 20-year Return Level Precipitation
5d767963-2ea3-464b-a469-69c407fcb055 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
5dae9f5b-f375-4e3e-bc87-9cc8e5eeb0fe 1.4: Projected Global Temperatures
5ede0281-0a5c-4c63-9b85-4f041c8072c1 6.9: Projected Changes in Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
5fb42687-7ab2-4fe0-a4cb-d51f1dfb90b0 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
6382e242-046d-4429-9a0d-a5a147ee4492 2.5: Radiative Forcing of Well-Mixed Gases
6492590c-6ebc-49ec-a9b5-9032e7acc18b 13.4: Ocean Carbonate Chemistry
65732f2f-56a2-43f2-b291-d38273fc717c 6.3: Observed Changes in the Coldest and Warmest Temperatures
6587ca1e-db87-421c-ac20-2c05b0dd657e 6.1: Observed Changes in Annual, Winter, and Summer Temperature
66c2c8d0-e64d-46fd-8943-0a431062b3f4 4.2: Global Mean Temperature Anomalies (RCPs)
66ff233d-6dde-4bbd-b268-9f8e4e417917 -.3: Greater Emissions Lead to Significantly More Warming
683cf669-241e-40ef-994c-868929979d0b 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
6940d9a2-bc0c-45b6-945d-cac08c22afb5 7.4: Observed Change in Heavy Precipitation
6a7649fd-dab5-4ccc-ab07-3ace011f3ea7 12.5: Tidal Floods
6a826cb8-a486-4adf-9045-7c75e0fd2bf2 A.1: tropospheric temperature
6a93333b-cc34-458a-b676-f39e0f657a72 9.1: Tropical Cyclone Peak Lifetime Intensity
6b991d86-2787-4851-bb6e-b5c17988fd3b 1.1: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Datasets
6be92a16-ad53-4e46-a3be-2e373eb863aa -.6: Extreme Precipitation Has Increased Across Much of the United States
6e6b3c12-4aed-4d3d-a4e6-ee7a8c8653b0 -.9: "Nuisance Flooding" Increases Across the United States