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28c6571d-f9d0-4ac4-8ba9-8b5680a50b4d 12.1: relative sea level
2d204b60-5ee0-4f7d-b60a-22d0ce0eebad 2.3: Radiative Forcing of Climate
2e41f291-10e6-4012-a98d-e0ac9079e42e 14.2: Global CO2 emissions and probabilistic temperature outcomes of Paris
303302f1-f068-4874-af59-388e8f6610e4 7.3: 2-Day Precipitation Events Exceeding 5-Year Recurrence Interval
307b6b23-776a-426b-83f4-c26b75d23367 3.3: Estimates of Forcings Contributions to Temperature Change
31a6a588-b5cc-4690-92bc-36db0d9da114 6.6: Assessment of Annual Surface Temperature Trends
335a100d-0409-415e-ac12-2b5f102dee1d 6.9: Projected Changes in Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
34de5b04-e4af-4ff8-ac4a-58d09174acba B.1: North America Skill
34e17cda-b8da-4522-bced-1ea26da68ef0 8.1: Projected Change in Soil Moisture, End of Century, Higher Emissions
36c4fbe8-9e59-45d4-9438-46f46ed28d88 10.1: Climate Interactions with Land Use
371ad6ce-8111-48c2-b2bd-cf6b8fbfcf55 6.9: Projected Changes in Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
379f0add-af8f-4cd7-8c18-78077caddb87 -.4: Significantly More Warming Occurs Under Higher Greenhouse Gas Concentration Scenarios
386f682e-a356-47b0-af26-1c7a935c0711 14.1: Cumulative Total Anthropogenic C02 Emissions from 1870
3935c519-9e72-41d5-8d23-53a6e20df93f 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
39508231-aab4-4184-81a8-c4d6936b2f90 6.8: Projected Change in Coldest and Warmest Daily Temperatures
397c2fc2-6c07-46fc-b11f-aacbebbeb3c6 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
3ae90377-0a6c-481b-b5ad-ff29b581acd4 -.9: "Nuisance Flooding" Increases Across the United States
3b6f1cf7-af24-470d-981c-db7a7b5ee6e9 2.6: Time Evolution of Forcings
3b776a3f-fa36-4c68-8e79-da40f40cbdef 4.4: Model Spatial Comparison
3c17ade4-9451-4445-b6fc-8726cc095ec0 9.4: Atmospheric Rivers