Figure : increasing-heavy-downpours-in-iowa

Increasing Heavy Downpours in Iowa

Figure 6.9

This figure appears in chapter 6 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Iowa is the nation’s top corn and soybean producing state. These crops are planted in the spring. Heavy rain can delay planting and create problems in obtaining a good stand of plants, both of which can reduce crop productivity. In Iowa soils with even modest slopes, rainfall of more than 1.25 inches in a single day leads to runoff that causes soil erosion and loss of nutrients and, under some circumstances, can lead to flooding. The figure shows the number of days per year during which more than 1.25 inches of rain fell in Des Moines, Iowa. Recent frequent occurrences of such events are consistent with the significant upward trend of heavy precipitation events documented in the Midwest.0ebef171-4903-4aa6-b436-2936da69f84e f054a8d1-8992-41ed-bc20-5f56070df30a (Figure source: adapted from Takle 20116b059ace-63ae-4fbe-a3a0-b503970e8bb5).

When citing this figure, please reference adapted from Takle 20116b059ace-63ae-4fbe-a3a0-b503970e8bb5.

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