reference : Geomorphic change in northern Canada

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Author French, Hugh
Book Title Changing Cold Environments: A Canadian Perspective
DOI 10.1002/9781119950172.ch11
Editor H. French O. Slaymaker
ISBN 9781119950172
Keywords geomorphic change in northern Canada models of cold-climate landscape evolution Davisian model by L.C. Peltier (1950), being the best climate-driven geomorphic change in northern Canada permafrost stability, a legitimate issue geologic lessons from Late Pleistocene, warmer northern Canada freezing, thawing and bedrock instability warming permafrost, tundra and subarctic, northern Canada azonal process changes permafrost thawing, geotechnical and engineering problems
Pages 200-221
Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Reviewer 6a2437ca-35ac-44c4-bd6d-f38b69efdd6a
Title Geomorphic change in northern Canada
Year 2011
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_chapter ["RG 7 Alaska","Ch. 22: Alaska FINAL"]
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