Figure : us-carbon-sinks-absorb-a-fraction-of-co-2-emissions

U.S. Carbon Sinks Absorb a Fraction of CO 2 Emissions

Figure 15.5

This figure appears in chapter 15 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Figure shows growth in fossil fuel CO2 emissions (black line) and forest and total land carbon sinks in the U.S. for 1990–2010 (green and orange lines; from EPA 20124aa93bb8-c0d0-4735-83c2-988b43ae88f0) and for 2003 (symbols; from the first State of the Carbon Cycle Reportd980c73d-d2ba-47cb-b6d7-03e0c30f2ed9). Carbon emissions are significantly higher than the total land sink’s capacity to absorb and store them. (Data from EPA 20124aa93bb8-c0d0-4735-83c2-988b43ae88f0 and CCSP 2007d980c73d-d2ba-47cb-b6d7-03e0c30f2ed9).

When citing this figure, please reference EPA 2012 and CCSP 20074aa93bb8-c0d0-4735-83c2-988b43ae88f0 d980c73d-d2ba-47cb-b6d7-03e0c30f2ed9.

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