Figure : decisionmaking-framework

Decision-Making Framework

Figure 26.3

This figure appears in chapter 26 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

This illustration highlights several stages of a well-structured decision-making process. (Figure source: adapted from NRC 2010a230ab8f-a284-491a-91cd-45d7b8b32bdf and Willows and Connell 20035dce5300-d368-4ad2-9681-bbb4f24a7d50).

When citing this figure, please reference adapted from NRC 2010 and Willows and Connell 2003a230ab8f-a284-491a-91cd-45d7b8b32bdf 5dce5300-d368-4ad2-9681-bbb4f24a7d50.

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