reference : A special issue on the RCPs

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reftype Journal Article
Alternate Journal Climatic Change
Author Vuuren, Detlef P Edmonds, James A Kainuma, Mikiko Riahi, Keywan Weyant, John
DOI 10.1007/s10584-011-0157-y
Date 2011/11/01
ISSN 0165-0009
Issue 1-2
Journal Climatic Change
Language English
Pages 1-4
Title A special issue on the RCPs
Volume 109
Year 2011
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.publisher Springer Netherlands
.reference_type 0
_chapter ["Ch. 26: Decision Support FINAL"]
_record_number 4522
_uuid e8dba87b-0b6a-40a7-bb68-3b2516b514b4