table : energy-regional-impacts

Changing Energy Use for Heating and Cooling Will Vary by Region

table 4.1

This table appears in chapter 4 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Hotter and longer summers will increase the amount of electricity necessary to run air conditioning, especially in the Southeast and Southwest. Warmer winters will decrease the amount of natural gas required to heat buildings, especially in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest. Table information is adapted from multi-model means from 8 NARCCAP regional climate simulations for the higher emissions scenario (A2) considered in this report and is weighted by population. (Source: adapted from Regional Climate Trends and Scenarios reports2acefcdc-827f-4c52-a4d8-56fc73f8ed35 b50d0bc7-8731-41e7-861c-b88b678f51d0 95f2ea7d-12e3-4ed5-9247-7cf139db91a9 994416dc-705b-4063-b8f5-bd3ed21d4a71 966bf116-8d6d-41f2-96be-4b66d3e729db 903f7ebb-9b60-4418-b617-593476cbcea5)

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