reference : Forest carbon sinks in the Northern Hemisphere

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reftype Journal Article
Author Goodale, C.L. Apps, M.J. Birdsey, R.A. Field, C.B. Heath, L.S. Houghton, R.A. Jenkins, J.C. Kohlmaier, G.H. Kurz, W. Liu, S. Liu, Shirong Nabuurs, Gert-Jan Nilsson, Sten Shvidenko, Anatoly Z.
DOI 10.1890/1051-0761(2002)012[0891:FCSITN]2.0.CO;2
ISSN 1051-0761
Issue 3
Journal Ecological Applications
Pages 891-899
Title Forest carbon sinks in the Northern Hemisphere
Volume 12
Year 2002
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_chapter ["Ch. 7: Forests FINAL"]
_record_number 729
_uuid 97be2553-2941-4e54-8a88-a2d9d6ca1434