Figure : harmful-bloom-of-algae

Harmful Bloom of Algae

Figure 9.8

This figure appears in chapter 9 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Remote sensing color image of harmful algal bloom in Lake Erie on October 9, 2011. The bright green areas have high concentrations of algae, which can be harmful to human health. The frequency and range of harmful blooms of algae are increasing.bedf8b57-6146-4e78-8aaf-defa8a1a03d3 3325ef64-347b-4c33-9289-9e05e905dcbe Because algal blooms are closely related to climate factors, projected changes in climate could affect algal blooms and lead to increases in water- and food-borne exposures and subsequent cases of illness.3325ef64-347b-4c33-9289-9e05e905dcbe Other factors related to increases in harmful algal blooms include shifts in ocean conditions such as excess nutrient inputs.69d04f03-5ba1-46a6-a7e3-fa449d448bea bedf8b57-6146-4e78-8aaf-defa8a1a03d3 3325ef64-347b-4c33-9289-9e05e905dcbe (Figure source: NASA Earth Observatory8c172cce-ec6c-417e-83fd-d646f79edfb4).

When citing this figure, please reference NASA Earth Observatory8c172cce-ec6c-417e-83fd-d646f79edfb4.

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