Figure : heavy-downpours-disease

Heavy Downpours are Increasing Exposure to Disease

Figure 9.7

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
George Luber

This figure appears in chapter 9 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Heavy downpours, which are increasing in the United States, have contributed to increases in heavy flood events (Ch. 2: Our Changing Climate, Key Message 6). The figure above illustrates how people can become exposed to waterborne diseases. Human exposures to waterborne diseases can occur via drinking water, as well as recreational waters.45c78ce3-56d1-4ed8-864b-bca300114602 735320eb-92d5-401c-957d-993e06668fa8 c41878da-d01e-4bfc-a839-484d89334c7a 69d04f03-5ba1-46a6-a7e3-fa449d448bea bedf8b57-6146-4e78-8aaf-defa8a1a03d3 3325ef64-347b-4c33-9289-9e05e905dcbe (Figure source: NOAA NCDC / CICS-NC).

When citing this figure, please reference NOAA NCDC / CICS-NC.

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