Figure : connecticut-coastline-and-expanding-salt-marshes

Connecticut Coastline and Expanding Salt Marshes

Figure 16.7

The Nature Conservancy
Adam Whelchel

This figure appears in chapter 16 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

The Nature Conservancy’s adaptation decision-support tool ( depicts building-level impacts due to inundation (developed land cover, yellow areas) and potential marsh advancement zones (undeveloped land cover – currently forest, grass, and agriculture – blue areas) using downscaled sea level rise projections (52 inches by 2080s depicted) along the Connecticut and New York coasts. (Figure source: Ferdaña et al. 2010,417521de-541f-44bd-8747-ac306ede3d83 Beck et al. 20133f303a73-89f9-4835-a164-7a141536e932).

When citing this figure, please reference Ferdaña et al. 2010, Beck et al. 20133f303a73-89f9-4835-a164-7a141536e932 417521de-541f-44bd-8747-ac306ede3d83.

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