Figure : rising-sea-levels-and-changing-flood-risks-in-seattle

Rising Sea Levels and Changing Flood Risks in Seattle

Figure 21.4

This figure appears in chapter 21 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Areas of Seattle projected by Seattle Public Utilities to be below sea level during high tide (Mean Higher High Water) and therefore at risk of flooding or inundation are shaded in blue under three levels of sea level rise,6ed217d6-4e42-49bd-ba0a-80e8df462b45 assuming no adaptation. (High [50 inches] and medium [13 inches] levels are within the range projected for the Northwest by 2100; the highest level [88 inches] includes the compounding effect of storm surge, derived from the highest observed historical tide in Seattlefd73d381-d3df-4079-b48d-20027a7ba63b). Unconnected inland areas shown to be below sea level may not be inundated, but could experience problems due to areas of standing water caused by a rise in the water table and drainage pipes backed up with seawater. (Figure source: Seattle Public Utilities7fdde2b7-0a3a-4f98-8434-c4040a41f3ac).

When citing this figure, please reference Seattle Public Utilities7fdde2b7-0a3a-4f98-8434-c4040a41f3ac.

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