Figure : north-atlantic-sea-level-change

North Atlantic Sea Level Change

Figure 2.25

This figure appears in chapter 2 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Sea level change in the North Atlantic Ocean relative to the year 2000 based on data collected from North Carolinae679d754-46b3-4d62-a7dd-4a7f0c727ebe (red line, pink band shows the uncertainty range) compared with a reconstruction of global sea level rise based on tide gauge data from 1750 to presentbe9b14ea-102f-4035-b250-99188cfc1b62 (blue line). (Figure source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

When citing this figure, please reference NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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This figure was created on October 21, 2013.

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