Figure : highway-1-to-port-fourchon-vulnerability-of-a-critical-link-for-us-oil

Highway 1 to Port Fourchon: Vulnerability of a Critical Link for U.S. Oil

Figure 17.7

This figure appears in chapter 17 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Highway 1 in southern Louisiana is the only road to Port Fourchon, whose infrastructure supports 18% of the nation’s oil and 90% of the nation’s offshore oil and gas production. Flooding is becoming more common on Highway 1 in Leeville (inset photo from flooding in 2004), on the way to Port Fourchon. See also Ch. 25: Coasts, Figure 25.5. (Figure and photo sources: Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development; State of Louisiana 2012 f1d65fb3-933a-4bbf-b6ac-25ea4d0409d5).

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