Figure : projected-temperature-increases

Projected Temperature Increases

Figure 20.1

This figure appears in chapter 20 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Maps show projected changes in average, as compared to 1971-1999. Top row shows projections assuming heat-trapping gas emissions continue to rise (A2). Bottom row shows projections assuming substantial reductions in emissions (B1). (Figure source: adapted from Kunkel et al. 2013966bf116-8d6d-41f2-96be-4b66d3e729db).

When citing this figure, please reference adapted from Kunkel et al. 2013966bf116-8d6d-41f2-96be-4b66d3e729db.

Free to use with credit to the original figure source.

This figure was created on September 19, 2013.

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