Figure : possible-future-flood-depths-in-mobile-al-with-rising-sea-level

Possible Future Flood Depths in Mobile, AL with Rising Sea Level

Figure 5.1

This figure appears in chapter 5 of the Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment report.

Many coastal areas in the United States, including the Gulf Coast, are especially vulnerable to sea level rise impacts on transportation systems.8dbd70c4-cd8c-4dce-b27c-bfb412901e58 1bc74f07-688c-482c-a923-483f5d3de8b5 0127c256-83e6-4e22-9715-bfc0fbbfb8d9 This is particularly true when one considers the interaction among sea level rise, wave action, and local geology.5ddaab38-f315-487d-8b7a-bb322bb9b60c This map shows that many parts of Mobile, Alabama, including critical roads, rail lines, and pipelines, would be exposed to storm surge under a scenario of a 30-inch sea level rise combined with a storm similar to Hurricane Katrina. Not all roads would be flooded if they merely run through low areas since some are built above flood levels. A 30-inch sea level rise scenario is within the range projected for global sea level rise (Ch. 2: Our Changing Climate, Key Message 10). (Figure source: U.S. Department of Transportation 2012

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