Figure : tribal-climate-adaptation-planning-in-alaska

Adaptation Planning in Alaska

Figure 26.9

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sarah F. Trainor

This figure appears in chapter 26 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

The map shows tribal climate adaptation planning efforts in Alaska. Research is considered to be adaptation under some classification schemes.8a4a7259-451b-41eb-b9ec-1b4889f3a3e6,5a3052a4-1cd1-44c0-ab96-a3ac860fa3d9 Alaska is scientifically data poor, compared to other Arctic regions.c4baf88e-ac25-4f7b-b37a-2c729d75b1dc In addition to research conducted at universities and by federal scientists, local community observer programs exist through several organizations, including the National Weather Service for weather and river ice observations;08917895-a3cc-4696-9a03-e018a64de9cf the University of Alaska for invasive species;a87deb8f-e846-48a0-82e4-e9b58379c5a9 and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for local observations of environmental change.e9b2d9fd-7ced-4e3e-96a6-6698a898c6d1 Additional examples of community-based monitoring can be found through the website of the Alaska Ocean Observing System.56cdec1b-2abc-412f-8c73-a0550475a632 Source: adapted from Meeker and Kettle 2017.b6164999-c61e-45b2-8d9e-a4a25790efce

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