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   dcterms:identifier "process_authorship-model_v1";
   gcis:figureNumber "2"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "NCA4 Authorship Models"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption "In consultation with the Subcommittee on Global Change Research (SGCR), the NCA4 Federal Steering Committee (NCA4 SC) selected Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) for each chapter of the NCA. CLAs worked one-on-one with either National or Regional Chapter Leads (CLs), who in turn directed Chapter Authors (CAs). A mix of authorship models including both federal and nonfederal participants was used for NCA4. Source: USGCRP."^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:rights [ rdf:value "Figure may be copyright protected and permission may be required. Contact original figure source for information"^^xsd:string; ];
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