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   dcterms:identifier "multiple-pathways-for-reducing-u-s--emissions";
   gcis:figureNumber "A5.24"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "Pathways to Carbon Emissions Reduction"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption "Reducing carbon emissions from a higher scenario (RCP8.5) to a lower scenario (RCP4.5) can be accomplished with a combination of many technologies and policies. In this example, these emissions reduction “wedges” could include increasing the energy efficiency of appliances, vehicles, buildings, electronics, and electricity generation (orange wedges); reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels by switching to lower-carbon fuels or capturing and storing carbon (blue wedges); and switching to renewable and non-carbon-emitting sources of energy, including solar, wind, wave, biomass, tidal, and geothermal (green wedges). The shapes and sizes of the wedges shown here are illustrative only. Source: adapted from Walsh et al. 2014.{{< tbib '6' 'ee2ad491-9e02-4f29-859a-07970e4d1de1' >}}"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:rights [ rdf:value "Figure may be copyright protected and permission may be required. Contact original figure source for information"^^xsd:string; ];
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