table : estimates-of-land-use-area-by-nca-region

Estimates of Land-Use Area (Square Miles) by NCA Region

table 5.1

This table appears in chapter 5 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

Definitions of land use and land cover vary among agencies and entities collecting those data. This may lead to fundamental differences in these estimates that must be considered when comparing estimates of cover and use. For the purposes of this report, land cover is defined as the physical characteristics of land, such as trees or pavement, and land use is characterized by human management and activities on land, such as mining or recreation. The land-use area estimates in this table and throughout this chapter were obtained from the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program and the National Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) data, when available for an area, because the surveys contain additional information on management, site conditions, crop types, biometric measurements, and other data that are needed to estimate carbon stock changes and nitrous oxide and methane emissions on those lands. If NRI and FIA data are not available for an area, however, then the NLCD product is used to represent the land use. Since all three data sources were used in the land representation analysis within the National Inventory Report, we used land-use estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s annual greenhouse gas inventory report.81430bfc-5d67-4109-982a-4cfd344f057c Data are unavailable for both the U.S. Caribbean region and the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands in the NRI and FIA datasets.

This table is composed of this array :
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NCA Region Croplands Forestlands Grasslands Other Lands Settlements Wetlands
Alaska 111 133,438 305,659 76,388 558 64,336
Hawai'i 173 2,501 1,997 1,283 438 51
Midwest 212,994 142,314 43,753 4,140 36,638 18,867
Northern Great Plains 136,089 62,829 248,678 4,473 8,216 9,765
Northeast 24,490 131,383 11,649 2,929 24,856 12,521
Northwest 28,076 114,263 89,963 3,853 7,784 5,573
Southern Great Plains 103,698 103,325 182,216 2,547 19,878 7,790
Southeast 84,137 301,616 58,442 3,610 45,799 34,852
Southwest 39,782 174,669 416,464 30,324 22,311 10,237
Total 629,550 1,166,338 1,358,821 129,547 166,478 163,992
Regions Covered

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