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Observed and Projected Impacts of Excess Heat on Emergency Room Visits in Rhode Island

Figure 18.11

Brown University, Brown University Department of Epidemiology
Gregory A. Wellenius, Melissa N. Eliot

This figure appears in chapter 18 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

This figure shows the observed and projected impacts of excess heat on emergency room visits in Rhode Island. (left) In Rhode Island, maximum daily temperatures in the summer have trended upwards over the last 60 years, such that residents experienced about three more weeks of health-threatening hot weather over 2015–2016 than in the 1950s. (middle) A recent study looking at visits to hospital emergency rooms (ERs) found that the incidence rate of heat-related ER visits rose sharply as maximum daily temperatures climbed above 80°F. (right) The study estimates that with continued climate change, Rhode Islanders could experience an additional 400 (6.8% more) heat-related ER visits each year by 2050 and up to an additional 1,500 (24.4% more) such visits each year by 2095 under the higher scenario (RCP8.5). About 1,000 fewer annual heat-related ER visits are projected for the end of the century under the lower scenario (RCP4.5) compared to the higher scenario (RCP8.5), reflecting the estimated health benefits of adhering to a lower greenhouse gas emissions scenario. Sources: (left) Brown University; (middle, right) adapted from Kingsley et al. 2016.ec9926c5-6257-49b3-8bfd-c9a02c0bf75b Reproduced from Environmental Health Perspectives.

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