Figure : projected-change-in-seasonal-precip

Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation

Figure 2.5

National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center, North Carolina State University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Kenneth E. Kunkel, Liqiang Sun, J. Greg Dobson, Russell S. Vose

This figure appears in chapter 2 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

Observed and projected precipitation changes vary by region and season. (top) Historically, the Great Plains and the northeastern United States have experienced increased precipitation while the Southwest has experienced a decrease for the period 1986–2015 (relative to 1901–1960 for the contiguous United States and 1925–1960 for Alaska, Hawai‘i, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands). (middle and bottom) In the future, under the higher scenario (RCP8.5), the northern United States, including Alaska, is projected to receive more precipitation, especially in the winter and spring by the period 2070–2099 (relative to 1986–2015). Parts of the southwestern United States are projected to receive less precipitation in the winter and spring. Areas with red dots show where projected changes are large compared to natural variations; areas that are hatched show where changes are small and relatively insignificant. Source: adapted from Easterling et al. 2017).e8089a19-413e-4bc5-8c4a-7610399e268c

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