Figure : figure-25-1-historical-termperature

Temperature Has Increased Across the Southwest

Figure 25.1

North Carolina State University, U.S. National Park Service
Patrick Gonzalez, Kenneth E. Kunkel

This figure appears in chapter 25 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

Temperatures increased across almost all of the Southwest region from 1901 to 2016, with the greatest increases in southern California and western Colorado.29960c69-6168-4fb0-9af0-d50bdd91acd3 This map shows the difference between 1986–2016 average temperature and 1901–1960 average temperature.29960c69-6168-4fb0-9af0-d50bdd91acd3 Source: adapted from Vose et al. 2017.29960c69-6168-4fb0-9af0-d50bdd91acd3

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