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Projected Precipitation Change for Puerto Rico

Figure 20.4

North Carolina State University
Adam Terando

This figure appears in chapter 20 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

This figure shows the projected percent change in annual precipitation over the U.S. Caribbean region for the period 2040–2060 compared to 1985–2005 based on the results of two regional climate model simulations.8b59c4bd-ba59-4567-9f5d-9c2422b7e05b,66a435ae-179c-49f4-981b-248d647b9579 These simulations downscale two global models for the higher scenario (RCP8.5)75cf1c0b-cc62-4ca4-96a7-082afdfe2ab1 and show that within-island changes are projected to exceed a 10% reduction in annual rainfall. Uncertainty remains as to the location of the largest reductions within the islands. Projections of precipitation change for the U.S. Virgin Islands are particularly uncertain because of model limitations related to resolving these smaller islands. Source: Bowden et al. 2018.66a435ae-179c-49f4-981b-248d647b9579

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This figure was derived from scenario rcp_4_5 .
This figure was derived from scenario rcp_8_5 .

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