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Projected Change in Annual Streamflow

Figure 20.7

U.S. Geological Survey
Adam Terando

This figure appears in chapter 20 of the Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II report.

This figure shows ten-year moving averages of projected annual streamflow leaving Lago La Plata and Lago Loíza. Projections were developed using an estimation of water supply entering the reservoirs and an estimation of withdrawals. The former was developed using a range of global climate models (GCMs; shading indicates averages from all GCMs used in the study) and the mean of that range (gray line). The latter was developed using a conservative population growth rate. Annual streamflow is modeled under a higher emissions scenario (SRES A2; left panel) and a lower emissions scenario (SRES B1; right panel). The solid black line is the historical streamflow through 2012.a045f06c-0964-4286-9b5a-9b625da4eb2d It is important to note these are the best estimates available for projected streamflow and use the older generation of GCMs, which project more drying for the region.56d77153-c8fc-4fcf-a7f0-fa0e843936f1 Source: adapted from Van Beusekom et al. 2016.a045f06c-0964-4286-9b5a-9b625da4eb2d

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