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761b266d-9088-4de6-b7f7-7a70a1a03ee1 1.14: Overview_severe coral bleaching_v4
76d2b3a4-a17d-463a-b26c-986d07070ce6 24.7: PHOTO: Razor Clamming
7745049d-1d2f-445e-a2c7-d0c6cc672b0f 12.3: Transportation Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
77a8e4b1-f77b-4da7-a278-058ef0471e83 2.7: Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice
77e25647-e0e0-4ac5-9a08-b7f8c2556058 13.2: Projected Changes in Summer Season Ozone
78081889-1805-45f7-902c-592a79a901c3 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
7884eba0-902b-4c3d-b925-ad970500c3b5 27.2: Climate Indicators and Impacts
78e67079-018c-45ed-a1c2-33f33b718316 A5.23: Benefit of Earlier Action to Reduce Emissions
79398f3e-b209-4c61-9d78-be9792e6f98a 18.14: Plover Case Study
795af036-39df-492c-af56-11dae732818e 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
796299ee-bbe4-4c9c-8fd5-987cc1e39990 2.1: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
79c8b146-9175-40ab-8357-516310856349 27.7: Hawaiian Forest Bird Species
79ee8270-50f2-48a0-925b-98d0206fa1c4 8.7: Vision 2100: Designing the Coastal Community of the Future
7a3d0637-6dc5-467f-9141-f2e8b13cfcf4 1.10: Prairie Strips
7aeaffdc-371b-40db-9dbe-3399140e7e34 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
7af5987d-9117-4814-a020-2b964510cb9b 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
7bc9c7de-1aa9-4645-8339-8a170f3c8ca0 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
7c177082-4ef3-45c4-859f-ff2fec2b5e2b 27.10: Projected Onset of Annual Severe Coral Reef Bleaching
7c80db29-3fd7-45c0-8fc0-4a37bea5dc7a A5.31: Area Burned by Large Wildfires Has Increased
7e538b7a-5296-46a8-83e8-ed2ce2627f21 2.5: Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation