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9cc22c1a-f337-44a4-ba96-e9f72ec8cba9 19.2: Historical Change in Freeze-Free Season Length
9e4801bc-69a4-4cfa-8e83-89622211ac81 19.4: Historical Number of Warm Nights
9e98257b-1d91-479e-9090-c25fa5878d4e 20.14: Days Above 90°F in Puerto Rico
9eabcfff-3285-4da6-bd3c-f14fb201f5ea 1.2: Indicators of Change
9ec87cdd-321b-4b08-b98f-558c006f5eff 20.17: Maximum Extent of Drought
9eeb6894-6c9d-4e9c-8993-c40106f758ab 1.2: Indicators of Change
9f40e25a-476d-43bc-b0f1-fc6ee2ef39b8 29.1: Mitigation-Related Activities at the State and Local Levels
9fa79c5c-7224-4c5d-836b-7614700633a0 A5.20: Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events
a062b2fb-fc7e-4ed1-97bf-ed7dba49a294 19.8: Range of Daily Highest Water Levels in Norfolk, Virginia
a0dfa5ae-ddca-4711-8e5d-7bfc792c3a6b 19.6: Potential Abundance of Disease-Carrying Mosquito
a0ea287a-535b-4f0a-9e98-1209fd6afe36 1.4: U.S. Sea Level Rise
a0ea662f-c680-4c01-9287-d75da08f36c0 6.4: Wildfires—Changes in Area Burned and Cost
a169d37b-ffeb-49af-bd39-cdadad54348a 29.3: Estimates of Direct Economic Damage from Temperature Change
a1ade2cb-b991-4188-8841-c48b0389ab81 26.1: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
a2459972-bf86-462b-a127-d4ab83097efa 3.3: Colorado River Basin Supply and Use
a380c842-facc-4c50-9b67-1cc28ef83616 25.3: Severe Drought Reduces Water Supplies in the Southwest
a3c25b9c-f156-4307-b2bd-8ecca5f0204c 19.3: Historical Change in Heavy Precipitation
a3dfbde6-9b10-4724-a8ce-5fb70c4226de A5.17: U.S. Annual Average Temperature
a46ab07e-e634-4017-80a8-46df217ec987 18.6: Changes in Distribution and Abundance of Marine Species
a52528ca-a69d-4448-8ded-23fdfb53ca1b 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains