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b26d9181-4fcc-407f-9f28-9b802075c2f5 27.3: Seasonal Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific Islands Region
b26ed671-d7ee-46ef-aa3c-86da31ad7c14 26.7: Wildfire Destroys Homes Near Willow, Alaska
b28834ef-211f-47c1-a3a4-35cd08c322ce 20.10: Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reef Ecosystems and Societal Implications
b28c3aeb-82dc-44e0-862b-391db4fd1260 27.15: Flooding in Kosrae
b2a4e707-e032-4fe7-ae91-56fc74ccfb9b 27.3: Seasonal Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific Islands Region
b3101e2e-f6f9-4c8b-90c6-27715d60d57d 1.2: Indicators of Change
b4038d8b-fee2-40b3-897c-884e631cf094 21.5: Climate Change Outpaces Plants’ Ability to Shift Habitat Range
b41bcee7-c28a-44b6-bdae-5b066410b3e9 5.1: Land-Use and Land-Cover Composition
b42c2a22-2da1-4bc7-9123-0a35b93a9066 26.8: Energy Needed for Heating Decreases Across Much of Alaska
b4bbace3-9300-4aa6-8494-cc390943ac98 22.5: Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Flood
b4e851c7-5bfc-4bfc-b568-b3760b9ae71f A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
b544fd42-fa34-4b8b-b76f-1d524fd86a76 26.1: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
b574f3bf-9fcb-4b81-8774-a6188c7985ac 9.2: Projected Changes in Maximum Fish Catch Potential
b609cc25-adc8-4b64-87fb-3320129e96c2 5.1: Land-Use and Land-Cover Composition
b634506f-8689-4f6b-9145-c449f637087c A5.19: Speedups and Slowdowns in Warming
b69d25b4-7be4-459f-886c-c0fab4ed1d9a 1.4: U.S. Sea Level Rise
b6dea452-7559-4afa-8db2-0aaabcd47094 A5.12: Climate Modeling for Smaller Regions
b728cb36-f68f-4eeb-894e-420dd90cf849 21.9: Projected Changes in Ozone-Related Premature Deaths
b78c415c-dfac-474f-bc08-da0595a2c6b6 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
b7916c0f-6ce3-4447-a466-09e3c3d32ce4 A1.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting