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b88a89f0-7533-4f12-8279-506c4c402120 21.8: The Changing Great Lakes
b97b338b-a8b4-45f2-8e41-90036890389b 19.2: Historical Change in Freeze-Free Season Length
b9d232c7-4546-4697-a227-451e2a3d2f53 16.3: U.S. Military Relief Efforts in Response to Typhoon Haiyan
ba11c940-9a38-4545-b803-8ef73b5a35cd 27.1: Pacific Islands Region Map
bacee96f-8e5c-4ee1-a93f-87a9266db5ab A1.3: Organization of the National Climate Assessment Participants
bb1498b9-8be8-4412-afb2-5c6ccb645542 1.21: New Economic Impact Studies
bb43ec45-eb89-4ec4-8621-8d80feb79d93 15.4: Community Planning
bbc7a6a3-d730-467d-8546-e7f9cc9af13b 14.4: Projected Change in Annual Extreme Temperature Mortality
bbdd3fa4-2b98-481d-ae1e-ea54aea54c4b 2.10: Scientific Understanding of Global Climate
bc1293fe-4b67-4e3f-a382-e7cdc4fca11f 15.1: Indigenous Peoples Climate Initiatives and Plans
bc296ec7-92b4-447c-950f-8d26472afe3c A1.8: All Author Meeting
bc7039d4-13d0-434f-b0ca-5ac07b226538 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
bca2573b-9a1b-4cc2-bb6e-0e5a30b427ab 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
be58b827-f745-4039-971e-9c9603227e5a 1.10: Prairie Strips
bed2b249-eabf-4c54-ae25-025b1ce85d51 A5.28: Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice
bf0c43c6-2c2d-4996-9485-b80b9f175db7 13.2: Projected Changes in Summer Season Ozone
bf0c46c2-ea2f-4368-9857-56f0b11763ec 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
bf481dfc-5e04-4be3-b787-534966d51047 10.2: Population Changes and Poverty Rates in Rural Counties
c01be72f-6e3d-4b1a-89d0-5fdb5e0a9e29 11.3: Projected Change in Number of Days with Heavy Precipitation
c11b62d2-59a6-48bb-af93-e8baf4ac1919 7.4: Projected Range Expansion of Invasive Lionfish