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ca69f1be-264c-4eee-ab35-5fe4206ba0b3 18.8: Atlantic White Cedars dying from SLR
ca70c157-3d9c-42bc-90c2-7772b32ce0d8 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ca839e67-02a9-43e8-8950-edb57f3cbe4b 19.11: Isle de Jean Charles Planning Meeting
ca8f2be6-d8d8-4245-9c96-f3e39b9c0516 A5.8: Global Temperature Increase Shown in Multiple Datasets
cb401326-1805-4459-b0e9-9c5e8562e6a0 20.4: Projected Precipitation Change for Puerto Rico
cb7d81a9-9da3-4ce6-b28a-9bd4c5ab77c9 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
cc21e0f2-430c-4789-a031-aae5a6c84d61 24.12: Single-Source Water Systems in Washington
cc673a44-b62b-4a07-85eb-0c840b20764a 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
cc70a91c-658f-47a4-a7dd-273eec38ea54 16.1: Impact of 2011 Thailand Flooding on U.S. Business Interests
ccb74f79-31da-454c-bdc7-a4fe0d81f70e 27.8: Roadways Flood Periodically on O Ľahu
ccfd06a5-659c-4025-b4ac-72d6ca6db63b A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ccfe6e34-291f-4d46-91a9-f57afe88cb9d 4.4: Examples of Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies
cd2cf6e0-eeda-4a72-9b32-41851e4252e7 A5.11: Comparison of Climate Models and Observed Temperature Change
cd7d915d-b44e-49bb-96e6-0031238ee209 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
cde39ae5-a89b-4202-812b-cfc996555aae A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
cdf07c02-3d46-4517-8edb-6de402041976 9.1: Marine Ecosystem Services
ce203988-3bb3-4225-9430-70ee214bfda9 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
cf6d4cd0-7b93-4e4b-8c48-5f8450784455 A1.4: Report Process
cf96f689-c419-42e1-9f50-bdbbbaafd572 7.4: Projected Range Expansion of Invasive Lionfish
cfaeff5a-7295-4049-935a-6f659da61572 20.11: : Coral Farming Can Increase the Extent and Diversity of Coral Reefs