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d0439a16-59ff-4735-94e2-d4ae1db66703 26.8: Energy Needed for Heating Decreases Across Much of Alaska
d2407102-d687-4547-80f9-2829d180af32 2.5: Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation
d253dee3-5c4e-4100-8229-7b8024b93f44 19.5: Projected Number of Warm Nights
d3f1da1c-9939-4039-bb70-47c4acf72ba3 1.21: New Economic Impact Studies
d418a2b7-e604-4dc0-b87b-f8d74aa6e838 A4.1: Selected National Climate Assessments
d4407535-a0b0-4301-83fe-2c25fe3b0d4f 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
d474a3b6-03ef-42a9-a335-ada29bfcd9ff A5.5: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
d4d1f4b6-ac5d-492e-b643-a25b190f8224 A3.3: Traceability and Provenance in GCIS
d4dc1763-a5d8-429d-bc09-dbc19e48474d 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
d5b04115-93fc-4351-a2dd-276c9318f0ba A1.8: All Author Meeting
d63ffa5f-2ee3-4c9b-8deb-e8e34305843e 20.1: U.S. Caribbean Region
d66c9cc3-d961-4144-9854-e93266fe20cd 11.7: Urban Adaptation Strategies and Stakeholders
d742a575-a162-4363-ae13-16eada433453 A1.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting
d7a4b18c-4609-4420-b7fb-59e2c2eb9801 23.9: Climate Winners and Losers (Gray Snapper and Southern Flounder)
d7ce5597-2726-4cc7-8a1d-f7c9f88a7e08 20.6: Observed and Projected Sea Level Rise
d7f2c49b-fefa-4a86-b390-4b1451d5b506 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
d85c1cb4-041b-4ddb-a4dc-ab7c6804f0f2 7.2: Genetic Diversity and Climate Exposure
d8cca422-db20-4bb2-83a0-d65da8b1872b 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
d9bf22ea-33e5-4d07-9c87-2862d2290dfd A5.2: 1,700 Years of Global Temperature Change
da6d9b2e-51d8-4fe0-ab14-b57c32202346 18.11: Observed and Projected Impacts of Excess Heat on Emergency Room Visits in Rhode Island