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f09358ad-4a0b-48de-bdd1-8f7fd01cacc0 6.3: Fire Damage in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
f16bffd7-212e-4d04-aac5-271447ff2cf1 6.6: Forest Disturbances Across the United States
f1c0a798-14fd-4cf0-9257-b66d46592922 19.1: Historical Changes in Hot Days and Warm Nights
f365cdd8-59e4-40dc-8f72-abefe45a228f A5.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
f3bca9f0-7172-4440-9868-80cd75de973e A5.13: Key Uncertainties in Temperature Projections
f4192fd4-e394-47ab-86c6-6075f736e421 24.5: PHOTO: Adaptive Agriculture
f497d761-0393-48ab-9636-7fadfd16ec7b 14.4: Projected Change in Annual Extreme Temperature Mortality
f4a70c64-5e37-4c1b-bb96-59546e1e731c 24.13: PHOTO: Health box
f4ba66f5-2cc8-4251-afa1-3cbafeac1089 24.3: Natural Resource Industry Jobs and Sales Revenues
f4c34dce-46d4-4961-aec9-4e896f54a3ce A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
f5134adc-85a2-481b-9eba-51e33c76d7a0 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
f642d7ed-155d-47dc-8f50-ca7fe6726025 A5.22: Americans Respond to the Impacts of Climate Change
f7285300-4309-4427-825e-37e246b8e188 19.9: Charleston Flooding & Tunnel
f7c19a1d-ad87-4c54-a501-610aec0978bc 2.6: Observed and Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation
f856761c-33fe-4618-87b3-11ca54441092 2.4: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
f87e5d8c-7a1c-4601-a3d9-5a365a2fcb90 17.4: Wildfire at the Wildland–Urban Interface
f884c971-18f4-4213-b372-2276360d85d7 27.10: Projected Onset of Annual Severe Coral Reef Bleaching
f8f02fe3-12de-4e0b-bcbb-68621db5c3ff 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
f8f8fb77-e8e7-406a-ad55-a325f06a4639 20.6: Observed and Projected Sea Level Rise
f9468431-69f9-4e8e-867c-5d173ba0638a 6.6: Forest Disturbances Across the United States