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181b0e9e-be45-483a-90ad-5a2c4ace6833 4.2: Projected Changes in Energy Expenditures
1836afe8-8989-4fbc-a2be-07affb597581 1.18: Adaptation Measures in Kivalina, AK
183b3490-4098-45e6-a825-f5c4c4317877 10.4: Land Area and Extreme Precipitation
19a2af8f-f6ce-4134-af22-8417932f5aac 28.1: Five Adaptation Stages and Progress
19c43aa4-91aa-43ef-aee8-19d8245d26db A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
1a6d97ec-749e-4688-b0f9-71824fac86dc 24.4: PHOTO: Livestock and Drought
1a904a7c-8aba-4b4d-9178-781270e92a7c 25.1: Temperature Has Increased Across the Southwest
1bab1d75-9785-410d-a842-18629584a799 2.2: Observed and Projected Changes in Carbon Emissions and Temperature
1bbf7600-b067-4125-a9f3-0c7bce42b2f7 24.2: Climate Change Will Impact Key Aspects of Life in the Northwest
1c130a6c-e7ea-4e75-837f-d992135a2184 1.2: Indicators of Change
1c2abf45-7bc0-46ad-8dc5-ede57323e36c 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
1c4d141c-6559-4228-b234-f23387234f7b 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
1ddfbbf4-183f-4421-891f-70850440562b A5.32: Lyme Disease Cases Increase Under Warmer Conditions
1f12aac2-52ad-41ec-88a4-f30062276b76 20.11: : Coral Farming Can Increase the Extent and Diversity of Coral Reefs
1f4b28a9-5922-447d-bd7c-75cd6a507bcd -.1: NCA Regions
2014ae94-1efa-434b-a0ba-645b428fce21 19.10: Projected Sea Level Rise for Charleston, SC
209aa605-e019-460a-903b-96de5a86750c 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
20c33807-47cd-4031-aebd-992583d56f18 25.9: Projected Shift in Agricultural Zones
210dd400-4e00-4362-84a3-fe30137ee5d6 A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
22562e9e-4abc-41f3-86e1-306b9955749c 11.5: Flash Flooding Impacts Urban Infrastructure and Well-Being