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22839afe-c71b-499c-9ac8-d62cbc588386 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
22e68ddd-8df0-4a1a-8cf0-9ae56f7caf18 1.2: Indicators of Change
232ae7f2-8db9-4bec-874a-33dccab1135e 1.3: Projected Changes in U.S. Annual Average Temperatures
239b5b23-a1b2-4393-b4e3-da9d9d972c4e 18.10: Subway Air Vent Flood Protection
261b313e-8423-4bce-a7b9-dc8749a70952 16.4: Transboundary Climate-Related Impacts
270e1525-1b40-47e4-a693-ca25b9625922 8.2: Regional Coastal Impacts and Adaptation Efforts
2764a03e-3a85-4261-8118-c62c4b1bcefa 21.7: Wetland Restoration Projects Can Help Reduce Impacts
2769d84a-0826-496f-8a55-576a3b62a23d 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
27826cf4-bf5a-4071-99ce-f7327704e527 18.11: Observed and Projected Impacts of Excess Heat on Emergency Room Visits in Rhode Island
29598736-4ec7-4077-8939-33966e690dc5 11.4: Threats from Extreme Heat
295e81d0-0839-429c-9064-6e81ae69f07e 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
29d0b44f-b4c3-4104-8200-e3f936852371 18.1: Population Density
29dacaf5-2026-4875-9782-bf7a5f74a589 21.12: Linked Boundary Chain Model
2a181062-6cb8-4c29-a379-4caaaf438eef A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
2ae45636-74a2-4754-bdd0-3d0eac958069 17.5: Northeast Blackout
2ae93215-92c6-42b8-ad96-2d7295b17a26 22.6: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fuel Production
2b698fcc-5fcd-4355-a06d-b98a8d1259af 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
2b9c5b63-3429-4857-8c04-f9ae988037df 6.1: Climate Change Effects on Ecosystem Services
2cf89fbe-0fbb-47fc-901c-eadf5401878e 3.1: Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disaster Events in the United States
2d8510af-1982-4572-a53b-32f0b0537a16 14.3: Hospitals at Risk from Storm Surge by Tropical Cyclones