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2f29a9f0-911d-4087-b7a7-55fc74bf2ac3 20.8: Cloud Forests Are Vulnerable to Climate Change
2f9bd834-e2db-401d-b2d3-ae7a0e40cc03 27.11: Salt Cultivation on KauaŹ»i
30584416-d560-4a12-97da-bf51f1b9e153 1.9: US Military Bases Vulnerable to More than One Potential Impact
30adcec4-1864-46ba-a710-bbad0e315ba5 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
30db9d45-3399-4c6a-a33e-7d37883c1849 A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
313bb49b-b167-43bc-a304-e1b16816b772 A5.32: Lyme Disease Cases Increase Under Warmer Conditions
31459bea-79b5-4ace-a503-efe7aea1351f 20.17: Maximum Extent of Drought
314b4c22-0b13-49fa-96c6-72a023d7e497 24.9: PHOTO: Salmon
32aaf565-db1e-441f-81f0-473b046775b0 26.2: Box 26.1 - Polar Bears & Walruses
33182e74-5007-4842-9dd2-cc473775e23f 1.11: Soybeans
339d3b0d-0721-41b7-997a-1ff91928efc0 6.2: Tree Mortality at Bass Lake Recreation Area
33e8ec35-9b2f-4bbb-91f4-2905985b541f 24.1: PHOTO: Detroit Lake
3407b0ac-3270-4077-817b-97807d0e8c17 4.3: Electricity Generation from Selected Fuels
3417a993-c8d2-41b2-868e-42d163180387 26.1: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
34c78137-1e8b-496b-99cb-448286716a21 29.1: Mitigation-Related Activities at the State and Local Levels
34d8ed5d-e9a1-4a0b-9de2-a59f9114b872 23.3: Hurricane Harvey Satellite Image
3528a311-bbd5-46e1-b082-0f21c1800eb1 24.6: PHOTO: Salmon Ceremony
353bdaa4-7e69-447e-a9be-887e6acd67b7 13.2: Projected Changes in Summer Season Ozone
355201c2-a21d-4bd4-83e5-02eee5f416e9 7.1: Climate Change, Ecosystems, and Ecosystem Services
36b34454-3ab0-435a-927e-3fff2d3af9a8 25.10: Projected Increases in Extreme Heat