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40a9ce95-0c22-4b99-a337-2695ebb6c388 20.13: Assessing Vulnerability with Communities
4168b24c-cac9-4ed0-bc52-eac67c90978f 11.3: Projected Change in Number of Days with Heavy Precipitation
417731c8-f180-436b-9a04-fdbc7b16ebf9 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
41a70c8d-83b3-4270-bf30-b01c3018585d 19.16: Salt Marsh Conversion to Mangrove Forest
41f7f405-15c4-4b5d-a1de-e2cfdcac0793 23.6: Highlighting Seasonal-Scale Extreme Events in a Transboundary Setting
4230c112-4e5a-40dd-a798-fdcc0a5d33db A5.11: Comparison of Climate Models and Observed Temperature Change
428b9c5b-b7d8-4620-a6bd-dbd20de38cc0 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
429bcff7-420a-4c63-a6b9-c8ca087c6e88 26.9: Adaptation Planning in Alaska
42bc2308-0c85-42d7-a6c3-94c0f210144a A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
42d5795c-5322-40c5-a9ac-c83315e713cf A5.18: Short-Term Variability Versus Long-Term Trend
431ab5ae-0755-4ee4-bcb7-20e4a73f09ba 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
444267cb-5662-4a12-b184-4b5a5f9eb837 8.1: Cumulative Costs of Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge to Coastal Property
456b7b96-aa01-4ea0-bcad-78021e630cc9 A1.8: All Author Meeting
456f5c79-93de-466b-8cce-afd6743a8c92 25.9: Projected Shift in Agricultural Zones
46f8e706-60e2-4108-ba22-168e5264c9e5 20.2: Climate Indicators and Impacts
47087ac0-c7a1-4be1-a9c2-577fa6f5e56d A5.27: Decreasing Arctic Sea Ice Extent
473fd547-d4c7-4b53-88da-c11369ecf126 15.3: Isle de Jean Charles, LA, and Kivalina, AK
47610da7-eecc-4d6c-b1b3-a8407f22b38b 17.3: Energy–Water–Land Interactions
48289d85-1cd7-41fc-968a-e0195eb1906d 4.5: Energy Sector Resilience Solutions
48ce9609-4b66-4e94-8838-481f748e4afd 19.17: Transitioning Coastal Ecosystems