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53c8a7b8-a9de-4f08-b2eb-c978606d47d0 29.3: Estimates of Direct Economic Damage from Temperature Change
54057003-0725-4e72-9061-9a2473c0b2bc 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
5511a702-eed3-487c-8cf7-17b664f38907 11.4: Threats from Extreme Heat
5565d957-a9b5-4e3c-b2f0-861c8568e4b6 23.2: Hurricane Harvey Flooding
558e8508-ec8c-4ad9-ae42-092b17f28922 21.1: Solar Carports
564842f8-855b-47d6-bc29-ca62f4ce6f39 25.3: Severe Drought Reduces Water Supplies in the Southwest
57070289-becb-4642-a620-da71eb20eee4 16.3: U.S. Military Relief Efforts in Response to Typhoon Haiyan
5724b480-d9a3-496b-9982-84ba2b294b38 20.5: Ocean Chemistry and Temperature
573b3112-9a23-4762-b041-e69b0706bea2 26.2: Box 26.1 - Polar Bears & Walruses
5807cc2b-2391-4c92-ac13-704d00ef1264 27.6: Hawai‘i Rainfall Trends
58738272-c788-4f86-b7b6-00cf002e9388 A5.6: Water Vapor and the Greenhouse Effect
58ff5c48-e543-44f7-96d9-88414e360b64 20.12: Critical Infrastructure at Risk, San Juan Metro Area
598fc444-e18f-4f0c-8d08-3d68f4885181 1.2: Indicators of Change
59f87cfb-d370-4929-ace3-fbd0b874597e 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
5aca5c6b-c7e7-4726-a028-d382421934be 21.8: The Changing Great Lakes
5ae16256-c1f8-4f2e-8f00-40df341d755c 7.4: Projected Range Expansion of Invasive Lionfish
5b2b7bd4-ee3e-46fd-b06e-0a42a3f14940 11.6: Cascading Consequences of Heavy Rainfall for Urban Systems
5b36ebce-fbe6-461a-911d-9991d5bf03b9 21.2: Conservation Practices Reduce Impact of Heavy Rains
5b3bd853-f614-4f40-a8d3-1365c7cbd6f3 A5.20: Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events
5b3fa219-84ac-4101-9910-e61f1b279034 19.3: Historical Change in Heavy Precipitation