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017ba7cb-715f-4a9d-afeb-d47ad6cc7267 17.5: Northeast Blackout
02627dc3-ce72-4a0f-a032-4a1a64f2ee80 1.14: Overview_severe coral bleaching_v4
02c5938a-7d85-46b6-ba1a-482d77d4ba08 19.5: Projected Number of Warm Nights
036e4374-dcf8-4529-8a2a-04fd3ac2ac3f 19.9: Charleston Flooding & Tunnel
0410e631-4fae-49cb-a576-210bcd82c0ed 4.1: Potential Impacts from Extreme Weather and Climate Change
04418a81-4160-4f4a-9dcb-6e964d901289 18.4: Change in Sea Surface Temperature on the Northeast Continental Shelf
049e19b4-4db9-433f-a962-99a64562da24 27.10: Projected Onset of Annual Severe Coral Reef Bleaching
04b45dd3-0834-4ada-bf97-15633fe9af0b 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
04e5aaf1-c979-4cbe-a5c4-9bdb7279c80d A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
05aa0877-ce7e-4af9-9097-bd600ac572b6 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
0666f306-6d1c-4ec1-9c77-6a8e247ece30 2.3: Historical and Projected Global Average Sea Level Rise
068312b7-9649-44e1-a45a-2601dc3632da 18.6: Changes in Distribution and Abundance of Marine Species
06b80a9a-2a41-4dda-881a-e83c8b700500 A3.1: Global Mean Sea Level Rise Scenarios
0756560e-8b35-4ced-9b7c-4f778ad02983 A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
07567b48-addd-4187-831a-f6a07fb47046 27.14: Marshallese Traditional Agroforestry Calendar
07f70471-7ec8-40e3-89e5-1a9471c579dd 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
08cb204e-e2a1-4327-9a07-162843eccce9 1.15: Promoting Reef Recovery
09289ca2-b73d-4f63-b98c-31f2bfd7aa5b 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
09cc6e48-8296-4beb-89a0-f7ac931ad875 A5.28: Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice
0b0ca519-8b05-4fef-b589-524446896b8e 10.1: Agricultural Jobs and Revenue
0bf5a87c-8489-4a62-96a0-c404cc8e2ad3 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
0c37d4dc-46da-49c1-aa33-f45021f194ae 19.5: Projected Number of Warm Nights
0c7b9de7-4c5e-4310-a865-6e73e1ed8db8 A5.10: Observed and Projected Changes in Global Temperature
0c8e160a-fa8f-4d59-b7dd-d8113c33ab4d 25.6: Ocean Temperature Increase
0e7a1489-251a-482a-ad83-c960d21355be 10.2: Population Changes and Poverty Rates in Rural Counties
0f2171ae-d978-4292-a843-1124916c1b2b 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
0fbc214f-3796-44e9-88c3-2e78a8a5575e 6.6: Forest Disturbances Across the United States
0fca67bc-e151-466c-9751-c9a840eb8c8b 25.5: Sea Level Rise
10aa5959-3c58-42b4-a7d6-50645dfc2bee A1.8: All Author Meeting
11e7f5f6-68e4-4503-96f6-ad2ff26f9aaa 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
11ecc2d3-fb46-4cfd-8dcb-c851d6afc468 7.5: Regional Ecosystems Impacts
128f074f-ae2c-4f7f-8134-021111b62446 17.1: Complex Sectoral Interactions
1310f82c-69bc-4ba3-b31e-21c03c6c6326 20.18: Climate Risk Management Organizations
13500eed-bef5-420d-ab2e-09a5eb850a64 27.16: Reservoirs in the Marshall Islands
14071bb8-0e8d-41c8-859e-faf6d22e8c5b 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
1465af8d-6a1c-4d4d-987c-bbba173d8427 A5.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
1493697e-4955-4c44-ae15-05dbad64b1fc A5.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
15f9bad8-f04e-4324-86b1-933576907865 1.3: Projected Changes in U.S. Annual Average Temperatures
163681ae-ae4a-459a-9e67-dce8a5ad5a96 20.16: Hurricane Maria Damage
16f31700-e960-4a49-88d0-f9431b445250 22.4: Reductions in Grassland Area in the Prairie Pothole Region
181b0e9e-be45-483a-90ad-5a2c4ace6833 4.2: Projected Changes in Energy Expenditures
1836afe8-8989-4fbc-a2be-07affb597581 1.18: Adaptation Measures in Kivalina, AK
183b3490-4098-45e6-a825-f5c4c4317877 10.4: Land Area and Extreme Precipitation
19a2af8f-f6ce-4134-af22-8417932f5aac 28.1: Five Adaptation Stages and Progress
19c43aa4-91aa-43ef-aee8-19d8245d26db A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
1a6d97ec-749e-4688-b0f9-71824fac86dc 24.4: PHOTO: Livestock and Drought
1a904a7c-8aba-4b4d-9178-781270e92a7c 25.1: Temperature Has Increased Across the Southwest
1bab1d75-9785-410d-a842-18629584a799 2.2: Observed and Projected Changes in Carbon Emissions and Temperature
1bbf7600-b067-4125-a9f3-0c7bce42b2f7 24.2: Climate Change Will Impact Key Aspects of Life in the Northwest
1c130a6c-e7ea-4e75-837f-d992135a2184 1.2: Indicators of Change