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   dcterms:identifier "ok-observed-and-projected-temperature-change";
   gcis:figureNumber "36.1"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "Observed and Projected Temperature Change"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption " \n    Figure 1: Observed and projected changes (compared to the\n    1901–1960 average) in near-surface air temperature for\n    Oklahoma. Observed data are for 1900–2014. Projected\n    changes for 2015–2100 are from global climate models for\n    two possible futures: one in which greenhouse gas emissions\n    continue to increase (higher emissions) and another in which\n    greenhouse gas emissions increase at a slower rate (lower\n    emissions).\n    Temperatures in Oklahoma (orange line) have risen less than\n    1°F since the beginning of the 20th century. Shading\n    indicates the range of annual temperatures from the set of\n    models. Observed temperatures are generally within the envelope\n    of model simulations of the historical period (gray shading).\n    Historically unprecedented warming is projected during the 21st\n    century. Less warming is expected under a lower emissions\n    future (the coldest years being about as warm as the hottest\n    year in the historical record; green shading) and more warming\n    under a higher emissions future (the hottest years being about\n    11°F warmer than the hottest year in the historical\n    record; red shading).\n    \n    Source: CICS-NC/NOAA NCEI.\n   \n"^^xsd:string;
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   gcis:northBoundLatitude "37.0023"^^xsd:float;
   gcis:southBoundLatitude "33.6160"^^xsd:float;
   gcis:eastBoundLongitude "-103.0026"^^xsd:float;
   gcis:westBoundLongitude "-94.4314"^^xsd:float;

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   gcis:startedAt "1900-01-01T00:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime;
   gcis:endedAt "2100-12-31T00:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime;

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