Figure : end-of-season-snow-water-equivalent-depth-at-lewis-lake-divide

End of Season Snow Water Equivalent Depth at Lewis Lake Divide

Figure 50.5

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites - NC
Kenneth E. Kunkel

This figure appears in chapter 50 of the NOAA-led State Summaries 2017 report.

Variations in the April 1 snow water equivalent at the Lewis Lake Divide, Wyoming SNOTEL site. Snow water equivalent (SWE) is the amount of water contained within the snowpack. SWE varies widely from year to year. In 2011, the SWE was almost double the long-term average at the end of May. The melting and runoff of this above-normal snowpack in May and June 2011 caused flooding downstream along the Snake River in Idaho. Source: SNOTEL.

Free to use with credit to the original figure source.

The time range for this figure is March 01, 1981 (00:00 AM) to May 01, 2015 (00:00 AM).

This figure was created on May 21, 2015.

The spatial range for this figure is 40.9946° to 45.0060° latitude, and -104.0518° to -111.0563° longitude.

This figure was derived from dataset SNOwpack TELemetry Network (SNOTEL) using the activity end-usda-nrcs-4390-process

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