Report : noaa-techmemo-oar-cpo-1-2012

Global Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States National Climate Assessment. NOAA Tech Memo OAR CPO-1

2012 report

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This work is referenced by:
The report Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment (reference)
chapter: chapter 16 (reference)
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chapter: chapter 2 (reference)
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chapter: chapter 25 (reference)
chapter: chapter 35 (reference)
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chapter: chapter 5 (reference)
finding: finding 16.1 (reference)
finding: finding 17.1 (reference)
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finding: finding 21.2 (reference)
finding: finding 25.1 (reference)
finding: finding 4.4 (reference)
figure: figure 2.26 (reference)
figure: figure 25.3 (reference)

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