table : area-density-factors-used-to-estimate-net-ecosystem-exchange-and-methane-flux-from-freshwater-wetlands-in-alaska

Area Density Factors Used to Estimate Net Ecosystem Exchange and Methane Flux from Freshwater Wetlands in Alaska (a-d)

table 13B.4

This table appears in chapter 13B of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) Negative net ecosystem exchange (NEE) indicates net transfer to the ecosystem.
(b) Standard error in parentheses.
(c) Source: Appendix 13B Supplement: Carbon Pools and Fluxes.
(d) Key: CO2, carbon dioxide; CH4, methane; g, gram; C, carbon.

This table is composed of this array :
48a27e6b (4x5)
Flux Organic Organic Mineral Mineral
Forested Nonforested Forested Nonforested
NEE (g CO2-C per m^2 per Year) –56.53 (32.14) –56.53 (32.14) –56.53 (32.14) –56.53 (32.14)
CH4 (g CH4-C per m^2 per Year) 8.90 (5.24) 23.58 (3.13) 26.93 (7.95) 26.08 (3.60)
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