table : forested-peatland-area-density-flux-factors

Forested Peatland Area Density Flux Factors (a-b)

table 13B.8

This table appears in chapter 13B of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) Negative net ecosystem exchange (NEE) indicates net transfer to the ecosystem.
(b) Key: CO2, carbon dioxide; CH4, methane; g, gram; C, carbon.

This table is composed of this array :
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Location Vegetation Type NEE Emission (g CO2-C per m^2 per Year) CH4 Emission (g CH4-C per m^2 per Year Reference
New York Forested peatland 0.150 Coles and Yavitt (2004)
Minnesota Forest bog hummock 2.625 Dise (1993)
Minnesota Forest bog hollow 10.350 Dise (1993)
Minnesota Forest bog hollow 3.513 Dise (1992)
Minnesota Hummock 1.317 Dise (1992)
Wisconsin Forest bog –80.0 0.800 Desai et al. (2015)
West Siberia Pine peatland 0.132 Golovatskaya and Dyukarev (2008)
West Siberia Stunted pine 0.198 Golovatskaya and Dyukarev (2008) peatland
Southern Germany Bog –62.0 5.300 Hommeltenber et al. (2014)
Boreal Swamp –256.0 Lu et al. (2017); Lund et al. (2010)
Boreal Swamp –195.5 Lu et al. (2017); Sulman et al. (2012); Syed et al. (2006)
Temperate Bog –30.0 Lu et al. (2017); Sulman et al. (2012); Syed et al. (2006)
West Virginia Appalachian bog 74.646 Wieder et al. (1990)
Florida Swamp 2.026 Villa and Mitsch (2014)
Florida Swamp 1.661 Villa and Mitsch (2014)
Maryland Appalachian bog 19.320 Wieder et al. (1990)
West Virginia Sphagnum/Forest 2.625 Yavitt et al. (1990)
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