table : mineral-soil-forest-area-density-flux-factors-for-methane

Mineral Soil Forest Area Density Flux Factors for Methane (a)

table 13B.10

This table appears in chapter 13B of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) Key: CH4, methane; g, gram; C, carbon.

This table is composed of this array :
8082a5e5 (17x5)
Vegetation (Species/Community) Climate Zone Location Annual Flux CH4 (g C per m^2 per Year) Reference
Temperate Temperate Georgia 17.25 Pulliam (1993)
Dwarf cypress Subtropical Florida 2.025 Bartlett et al. (1989)
Swamp forest Subtropical Florida 18.825 Bartlett et al. (1989)
Hardwood hammock Subtropical Florida 0.000 Bartlett et al. (1989)
Cypress swamp, flowing water Subtropical Florida 18.300 Harriss and Sebacher (1981)
Cypress swamp, deep water Subtropical Georgia 25.200 Harriss and Sebacher (1981)
Cypress swamp, floodplain Subtropical South Carolina 2.700 Harriss and Sebacher (1981)
Maple/Gum forested swamp Temperate Virginia 0.375 Harriss et al. (1982)
Wetland forest Temperate Florida 16.125 Harriss et al. (1988)
Swamp forests Temperate Louisiana 39.825 Alford et al. (1997)
Pools forested swamp Temperate New York 51.750 Miller and Ghiors (1999)
Open water swamp Subtropical Florida 131.025 Schipper and Reddy (1994)
Waterlily slough Subtropical Florida 24.825 Schipper and Reddy (1994)
Lowland shrub and forested wetland Temperate Wisconsin 9.300 Werner et al. (2003)
Oak swamp (bank site) Temperate Virginia 31.950 Wilson et al. (1989)
Ash tree swamp Temperate Virginia 41.475 Wilson et al. (1989)
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