Figure : fig--11-6

Soil Carbon Distribution in Major Suborders of the Gelisol Soil Order

Figure 11.6

This figure appears in chapter 11 of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

Carbon in suborders Histel, Turbel, and Orthel of Gelisol (permafrost-affected soils) is shown distributed by depth and horizon type. Purple colors indicate organic horizons (>20% carbon) with less (fibrous) or more (amorphous) decomposition. Cryoturbation (freeze-thaw mixing) brings relatively carbon-rich material from the surface deeper into the soil profile. Soil horizons at depth can show evidence of periodically waterlogged (oxygen-limited) conditions (gleyed), or not (nongleyed). [Figure source: Redrawn from Harden et al., 2012, used with permission.]

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