Figure : fig--11-7

Soil Organic (SOC) Carbon Maps

Figure 11.7

This figure appears in chapter 11 of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) The SOC pool in kg of carbon per m2 contained in the interval of 0 to 3 m in depth of the northern circumpolar permafrost zone. Black dots show field site locations for carbon inventory measurements of 0 to 3 m. (b) Deep permafrost carbon pools (>3 m), including the location of major permafrost-affected river deltas (green triangles); extent of the yedoma region previously used to estimate the carbon content of these deposits (yellow); current extent of yedoma-region soils largely unaffected by thaw-lake cycles that alter original carbon content (red); and extent of thick sediments overlying bedrock (black hashed). Yedoma regions generally are also thick sediments. The base map layer shows permafrost distribution with continuous regions to the north having permafrost everywhere (>90%, purple shading) and discontinuous regions further south having permafrost in some, but not all, locations (<90%, pink shading). [Figure source: Reprinted from Schuur et al., 2015, copyright Macmillan Publishers Ltd, used with permission.]

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